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— Barbara Dixon, Las Vegas
Being born and in raised up Florida, I am rather prone to different respiratory diseases and infections. So I am almost used to having bad cough or sneezing from time to time. Koflet is always with me in this time of the year. I can not imagine myself attending a conference or a business meeting without these lozenges. With this medication I am not afraid of missing some important information because of my cough attack or interrupting other people speaking what is even worse. Koflet has pleasant taste and no side effects. I have tried many such meds, some of them coloured my tongue in funny colors, others tasted ugly, still others caused stiff throat and I couldn't speak. Koflet is ideal for me!
— Mike Mires, Colorado
Strong dry cough is the first symptom for me every time I am about to catch a cold. Sometimes it is so bad that I can't stop coughing for 10 minutes. I feel like my lungs are about to leave me. Due to this reason I regularly buy some medications meant for cough. Recently I have tried out Koflet. This medication is amazing - all I wanted to have in one solution - no side effects, no strange colour, awesome taste and affordable price. In addition to that, it is very convenient for me to order Koflet together with other medications from this website and have it delivered right to the door. I would recommend both the medicine and the website to my friends and relatives.
— Amelia Martinez, Chicago
My problem is simple but very annoying - when I catch a cold or just get freezy I can wake up from severe cough up to ten times per night. This makes my head ache horrible, I wake up in the morning absolutely wrecked and dull, and I am the reason why my husband can't sleep well at night as well. Usually I buy some mint or herbal lozenges and take them at night to stop my cough. But thet work for half an hour and then the story repeats. All by chance I bought Koflet and now I am a regular buyer of this wonderful drug. The effect is long-lasting and what I like most is all-natural ingredients of these lozenges! Cheap, effective and beneficial for my health!
— Kim F., Yellowknife
I love skiing and snowboarding and everything connected with snow. But for everything there is a price. My price for winter attractions is seasonal cough. But luckily I have found my solution - Koflet lozenges. This medication works well at any weather and temperature. I can breeze deeply and my throat is ok. It is made of natural herbs by Himalaya Herbal - a trusted brand for me. Effective solution for keen sportsmen, and not only sportsmen of course.

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