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— Kurt Malkovich, Regina
It was the first time when I used Vasaka. I like the quick and long-lasting relief from the severe coughing that used to drive me crazy ever since I got the bronchitis. The medication did make me a little drowsy after the very first dose but then the sensation disappeared never to come back again. But as with any other drug used for the first time some caution is recommended especially if you are sensitive to the ingredients. But with Vasaka it is highly unlikely as it contains natural components only. In general I would recommend the drug to everyone with such disorders like bronchitis, cough and asthma.
— Veronica Meyers, Las Vegas
Vasaka works quicker than I could ever imagine! I had a severe bronchitis for over eight weeks. During that time I had taken a full course of antibiotics, followed by a course of some cough syrup but these two produced no effect at all except for my prolonged 'enjoyment' from the medication. Can't say for sure which of the medications produced that horrible side effects, but I suffered from severe migraine and nausea in addition to my bronchitis symptoms. Then my doctor prescribed me with Vasaka and in a couple days the symptoms disappeared. A few days later my coughing and fever decreased dramatically. I'm so glad my doctor prescribed Vasaka for me, it really works and causes no side effects!
— Wilhelm Brooks, Chicago
For about 10 days I had a bad cough and severe congestion in my lungs. A week after I had flu, I faced difficulty with breathing and our family doctor advised me to try Vasaka before switching to strong prescription drugs. To my surprise by the third day of Vasaka treatment I was breathing much clearer, and in a week I could breathe deeper than ever before. The headache I developed during the disease was gone, and the post-recovery cough is barely noticeable now. I haven't noticed any side effects that I can attribute to Vasaka that I know of. So far so good, so grateful to Vasaka!
— Caroline Humphrey, Colorado springs
My chronic obstructive pulmonary disease makes me a regular victim of flus, bronchitis and pneumonia. Due to weak heart strong medications are not for me, and I have been looking for an ideal solution for years until I came across Vasaka. Actually it was my family doctor who advised me to give Vasaka a try. He said it was an excellent and powerful medication without chemical substances. I personally haven't had any side effect and on the second day I noticed that my symptoms decreased and I started feeling much better. It was amazing! Now I tell everyone of my friends who has flu or bronchitis symptoms to order Vasaka, because if it helps me, it will help everyone!

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