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— Brendon Pfizer, Charlestown
Here is my story with Trecator SC. There is no other medication I know to be so effective in knocking out tuberculosis. If you educate yourself about this medication (e.g. read the description and instructions or simply consult with your doctor), you will know how and in combination with what other medications to use it to achieve better and quicker results in your case. I want to draw your attention to an observation of mine- do not take Trecator SC together with too much of coffee, black tea or cigarettes. You may feel nervous due to the stimulating effect it may produce. It is not your doctor's fault if you don't follow the instruction with your prescription. This is a potent drug in tuberculosis treatment. This can give side effects. In my case they were minimal, like slight migraine at the beginning of the course and mild fatigue that went away in a day or two. But in general the medication is safe and very effective. I wish you best of luck with Trecator SC!
— Melinda Rowly, Saskatoon
I had used Trecator SC once before about a year ago to treat my severe bronchitis and it worked like a miracle. I remember before my doctor persuaded me to try it out the reviews I read on the web scared me to death. In reality there is nothing to be afraid of. The medication is trouble-free and effective. I was hesitant first, but my doc said he had prescribed it to many other patients and none of them complained of ever having any problems. So I took it. On the third day I felt well enough to get back to work. This time when I was diagnosed with initial stage of tuberculosis I agreed on Trecator SC at once. Now I feel 100% better. Before I had severe cough, fever, pain in my chest and many other symptoms that were completely relieved by Trecator SC, I am grateful to the makers for a medication that works so quickly. I love it!
— Peter Smallwille, Princeton
I was prescribed Trecator SC for my tuberculosis after a course of another powerful antibiotic that didn't help me 100%. It weakened my infection but I was far from being absolutely healthy. Trecator SC improved my condition in no time. It worked very well and all the remaining symptoms of the infection disappeared quickly. With the antibiotic I was on before (unfortunately I can't remember its name very well now) I started having many side effects, like losing my hearing, vomitting and dizziness. After I switched on to Trecator SC these side effects went away and no new occurred. It's really very convenient and powerful in symptoms eliminating and tuberculosis treatment. I would recommend it to other people right away.
— Pamela Belucci, Chicago
This medication helped me so much that I even decided to write a review, though I never do things like this. I was diagnosed with tuberculosis about half a year ago. It was horrible; coughing till I thought my lungs will come out, the pain in my chest that didn't let me sleep at night, headaches and vomiting. I looked like a dead man. It hurt everywhere from my feet to my ears. My doctor decided to put me on Trecator SC in combination with other medicine I was taking by that time to increase the treatment effect. This combination worked out miracles. I went back to work in 1 week! I still have a little trouble with breathing but it's just a residual effect. I even started jogging again. Do not be scared of the side effects - they are minimal unlike with other tuberculosis meds!

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