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— Russel Trump, NY
Last year I had undergone a surgery. During the operation some kidney stones were removed from my body. The operation was very successful and I had no complications after it, but I still remember all the sufferings I came through before the surgery. I gradually developed acute, unbearable pain in my kidneys, finally urinating turned into a real torture for me. i had tears on my eyes when urinating and at the end I couldn't sleep at night as I had never-ending urge to urinate and burning sensations. So when my doctor told me that after the surgery I have to take special medications in order not to get new stones in the kidneys I considered these words to be a strict rule as I would never agree to go through all that horror again. The doctor put me on Cystone. To tell you the truth I was a bit sceptic at first as this medication is a Himalaya herbal product and I consider this company to be in charge of production of more cosmetic solutions, food supplements but not serious medications. However my doctor persuaded me that this medication contains all the natural resource needed to prevent formation of new kidney stones. I have been taking this medication for more than half a year now and I have to admit that it was the right solution to choose - no new stones, no pain and no side effects. Very good results and I am more than just optimistic.
— Claudia G., Edmonton
I don't know why but I turned out to be prone to urinary tract infections and therefore I have to take special care of this function of my body. The thing is that even moderate UTI can cause you a lot of problems and unpleasant feelings. This burning and itching drives you crazy and there is no way to stop it. Your nervous system is getting shattered and soon you turn into an easily irritable miserable creature. When I have another UTI burst out I take certain medication to stop it and eliminate the symptoms, but normally Cystone is enough for me to avoid infection. Cystone is a Himalaya herbal product that contains mostly natural ingredients and therefore can't cause any additional problems. As a result your body gets only pure benefits from this medication. This product is amazing - due to it I haven't had a UTI for months what is a great achievement for me. I would recommend it to other men and women whose bodies are prone to UTIs due to weak immune system. Cystone is gentle enough to cause no side effects and protect you at the same time.
— Trisha Meyers, Tallahassee
I learned about Cystone from my friend who also goes in for swimming. For us, girls who spend a lot of time in public swimming pools and train for hours daily, urinary tract infections are the most unpleasant word combination. There is probably no single swimmer who managed to avoid such infections completely. Hoever since the time I started using Cystone - about a year ago - UTIs are quite rare and less severe. With Cystone my body knows how to resist the infections and it saves me lots of time, money and nerves. I do recommend this medication to other women, even if they have nothing to do with swimming 'cause UTIs are quite common among women in general - this is a dirty trick of nature, our urinary system is not well-protected from such disorders.

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