Baby Oil Testimonials

— Brenda Kaplan, Texas
We are usually unlikely to save money on our little ones and tend to buy best possible cosmetics, toys and clothes for the baby. But when it comes to baby oil there is a great chance to get better quality at reasonable price. I have three kids and the youngest is 4 months old and for all of them I have been buying Baby Oil from Himalaya Herbal. This product is the best, I have checked it through numerous tries and experiments with other similar products. I found Himalaya Herbal Baby Oil when my eldest son was about 6 months old. So the two others have been 100% treated with this wonderful oil. As all other Himalaya Herbal products Baby Oil is based o natural ingredients mainly and therefore causes no allergic reactions and no side effects. It is simply ideal for tender and sensitive baby skin which requires best care and attention. There was not a single case when I noticed any irritation or redness on my babies' skin after the oil was used. I would definitely recommend this product to all mothers and mothers-to-be. It is more than just affordable and simply great!
— Hillary Stewart, LA
My job is doing massage for the little ones. I work with babies starting from 7 days of age and it goes without saying that they require all the attention and care we adults can offer. When I do massage I use massage oil for the babies and it's been more than 5 years since I started using Himalaya Herbal Baby Oil when I work. I love this product so much! It smells like heaven and it provides awesome care for tender baby skin. Unlike other baby oils this Himalaya Herbal oil leaves no oily cover on the skin, it absorbs completely. The skin is pleasant to touch and it is very good for massage, not too oily and not too dry. I have never seen a baby that would show allergic reaction to this oil. I am very grateful to the producers of this oil for their wonderful product. Because it is really very difficult to find a really high quality baby cosmetic on the market in spite of the wide choice and variety of brands. For me Himalaya Herbal is a trusted brand. With it I am sure that I pay money for best quality I can get. I naturally recommend Himalaya Herbal oil to all the parents who haven't yet found their ideal baby oil. I am almost sure they'll love this oil.
— Elizabeth McConnell, Edmonton
I usually buy Himalaya Herbal products for myself and my family and when our baby boy was born I first looked for baby cosmetics among Himalaya Herbal goods. I have selected many of them and tried them out. Almost all of the products satisfied me and we still use them but the best one is undoubtedly the baby oil. It is so rich on different nourishing components and minerals. And it keeps our baby's skin just as tender and soft as it was when he was born. I love this brand due to their adherence to natural ingredients and trusted recipes. For me it is an important factor that cosmetic products contain minimal quality of artificial ingredients and chemicals as our life is polluted enough and we don't have to add more dust and rubbish with cosmetics. Himalaya Herbal is one of most reliable companies from my point of view and they produce excellent products for babies. They are hypoallergenic, save and natural. They provide the skin with all it needs to stay healthy and well groomed. I recommend Himalaya Herbal baby oil to all the people who have babies or who want to have skin like that of a baby.

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