Hydrating Face Wash Cream Testimonials

— Monica London, Kentucky
As any other adult woman who wants to maintain beauty and freshness of the skin as long as possible I take care of my skin every day. And every day before I do my make-up and before I go to bed I take shower and wash my face to remove all the dust and sweat from it. However I have dry skin and it is very difficult for me at times to maintain sufficient skin moistening and keep it looking healthy. Sometimes when I use some cosmetic product that doesn't suit my skin it can get red or covered with rash, or even start to peel. And in this case my appearance changes dramatically for the worse and any make-up, no matter how carefully made, looks negligent and shabby. That is why I pay special attention to the cosmetic products I use for skin care and especially for cleansing as this procedure takes the major impact on the skin every day. For me Hydrating Face Wash Cream is a perfect option. It has a creamy texture and is very gentle when cleansing my face. Besides it contains no soap and therefore is ideal for dry skin that requires additional moistening but not drying up. So to sum it all up I am very satisfied with Hydrating Face Wash Cream and I would recommend this product to other women with dry skin.
— Tricia Porter, Jacksonville
I am deeply in love with Himalaya Herbal cosmetics and I have tried out almost every product except for those not suitable for my skin type. Today I'd love to share my experience with Hydrating Face Wash Cream - a new product that I have bought for me last month. To start with I have to say that this wash cream claims to be for dry and sensitive skin, but as for me, having oily skin, moistening is essential for any skin type and my skin feels greatly with Hydrating Face Wash Cream. If you think that oily skin deserves using cleansing products that contain soap, you are about to regret about it pretty soon, when the wrinkles you have get deeper and new ones appear. Any skin needs water and soap makes skin dryer. So if you are lucky to have oily skin that is difficult to get dry, why fight with nature and spoil your skin& help it instead using no-soap products to wash it daily. Since I started using Himalaya herbal Hydrating Face Wash Cream I have absolutely no problems with my face. It is well moisturized, shiny and healthy. The product is easy to use and produces very favorable impression.
— Amalia F., Yellowknife
I am 35 and at this age skin care becomes one of the major concerns for every female. And so it is for me. It takes me 20 minutes in the morning and in the evening to take good care of my skin. I wash my face, use some lotion to make it fresh, apply cream on the face, neck and eye area. Sometimes I do masks and scrubs. But most frequently used product is facial wash - I use it twice a day without exceptions. And therefore I consider this step of skin care to be the most important. Recently I have found for me an ideal solution - Hydrating Face Wash Cream. It is a Himalaya herbal product aimed to help owners of dry and normal skin to keep it healthy and fresh. My skin is normal but it has always been a problem for me to keep it well hydrated, however with this amazing Hydrating Face Wash Cream it is quick and easy for me to provide ultimate care for my skin. So, I would recommend this cosmetic product to other people who wash their face several times per day and want to keep the skin hydrated.

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